Saime Ceramiche

Nuova Riwal Ceramiche S.r.l. has its headquarters in Fiorano Modenese, in the ceramic district of Sassuolo and with the trademarks Saime Ceramiche and Alfalux represents one of the most important groups in the ceramics industry, producing porcelained stoneware with mass colouring, glazed gres porcelain, ceramic stoneware dry pressed and glazed, single-fired and double-fired tiles.

Since the beginning of 2007 Nuova Riwal Ceramiche S.r.l. has been part of a larger sized group whose parent company is Casalgrande Padana S.p.A. with headquarters in Casalgrande di Reggio Emilia.


One of the most important strategic element of the company's development policy is to understand and satisfy customer needs: that's why "research as strategy" is a never-ending process for the whole group, aimed to offer higher qualitative and technological standards according to current design, colours and materials trends.